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There are many VR porn sites online and apps you can use to view VR porn content. While you don’t technically need an app they can help make it easier to view content. Some of the more popular ones are Virtual Real Player, Free VR Player, and Sex Like Real which we take a look at here.


Before you can use VR porn apps, you’ll need a good VR headset. Many porn sites will ship you one for free once you sign up for a membership so this can be an option if you don’t already own a VR headset.

Virtual Real Player

Virtual Real player is a VR porn player created by Virtual Real Porn which is a VR porn site. The app works with their content, although you can also use the player with another VR content as well. It’s also optimized to e used with teledildonics and other VR equipment. If you want a great immersive experience with your VR porn this is the player that you want to be using. There are many great videos on Virtual Real Porn so the app can be a great companion to help you view the content.

Free VR Player

Free VR Player is an excellent player for not only watching VR porn but for watching general VR video content as well. You can view both 360 and 180 degree content with this free player from Apple. It supports head tracking, binaural audio, and other features. You can view videos from storage, open videos from a URL and do much more with this app. It’s the perfect app for viewing VR porn or another VR content. Check the VR site you use to see if the Free VR Player will work with the content that you want to view.

Sex Like Real

Sex Like Real is another website that offers a great VR app for you to view VR Porn content. This app is great for watching the VR porn on the Sex Like Real although it can be used for other content as well. You can view VR porn form many different sites through this app. The content is updated frequently and you can view your video library on your device with the app. You get 24 videos for free with the Sex for Real Site and their app so it’s worth it to try this site and their app out.