5 Reasons to Choose Custom Animated Explainer Videos over Template-Based Options

In this day and age, animated explainer videos have become a vital component of any business marketing strategy. While animated explainer videos have a host of benefits, most businesses still choose template-based options over custom videos. The cost factor often influences this choice. However, studies show that custom explainer videos experience a higher return on investment compared to template explainer videos. Let’s see the differences between custom explainer videos over template options:

a) The time required to create the explainer videos

Custom explainer videos usually take longer to build than template explainer videos because you’re making the videos from the ground up. You’ll need to assemble a video production team that includes a scriptwriter, animator, illustrator, voiceover artists and more. Template explainer videos take a shorter timescale to complete because they make use of pre-made templates, which means you can do it yourself.

b) The aspect of creativity in explainer videos

You are limited to the level of creativity you can deploy when it comes to template explainer videos. This is because almost all aspects of the videos are pre-designed, such as styles, characters, library, and designs. Therefore, it’s challenging to create explainer videos that align with the needs of your target viewers. You may also need to adjust your script to align with the limited capabilities of the premade templates. On the flip side, custom explainer videos offer a whole lot of creativity, which means you can create videos that align with your target audience’s needs.

c) Audio options in the explainer videos

Regarding sound effects, voiceover and background music, template explainer videos offer restricted use of audio options. Custom explainer videos, on the other hand, allow incorporation of various audio options, which are made professionally.

d) Animation aspects of explainer videos

With a custom explainer video, you can create animations that synchronize with the needs of your target audience. The videos always turn out to be impactful. On the flip side, template explainer videos offer limited animation flow, and so, they tend to be less impactful.

e) Impact of the explainer videos to your brand

A custom explainer video can be tweaked and finessed to match the needs of your brand and target audience. This act impacts your brand value positively. With the limited options when making template videos, your brand value will suffer.

Most business owners complain about the high costs of making custom explainer videos. But it defeats the purpose of making explainer videos that don’t align with the needs of your target audience. Doing so will lead to shifting of brand loyalty and plummeting of sales. Yes, a custom explainer video is costly, but the end result will be well worth it.

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