Checklist for Your Explainer Video Marketing Campaign

Without a doubt, a video is the most popular content on the internet today, thanks to the population’s high appetite for colored visuals. In fact, according to a recent survey by Google, about 500 million hours of videos are watched every day. That means if the video is not part of your digital marketing campaign, you’re missing out on a great deal of business. And, the fact that the appetite for video is increasing, it will be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy moving forward. So if you are seriously contemplating using explainer videos as part of your digital marketing campaigns, keep these considerations in mind:

· Tutorials for your explainer videos

The new generation of consumers is savvy enough, so they consistently scavenge the internet to find in-depth information about products and services they are interested in. That’s why they will flock to brands that avail to them the kind of information they need. Explainer video tutorials are effective ways to give your customers a rundown of the products and services you offer and how they are used while engaging them at the same time.

· Interview explainer videos

Explainer videos that feature interviews give your brand a personal feel because customers tend to resonate with real people than animations. This kind of explainer video is suited to those businesses that are trying to establish themselves on the market. For greater and faster results, make a point to interview an influencer in your explainer video. That will also help you authenticate your brand.

· Question and answer explainer videos

This kind of explainer video is suited to the beginner customer, as they get to learn extensively about the products or services you offer. Also, it comes with the benefit of letting you interact with your audience. To come up with relevant and engaging explainer video, you’ll have to ask your target audience some questions.

· Preview explainer videos

Previews are adapted to those business owners who are looking to launch a new product, introduce a new service or simply want to rebrand. These kinds of explainer videos do two main things; first, they inform prospective consumers what to expect. And second, they create excitement.

· Explainer videos based on demos and live presentations

These explainer videos are adapted to businesses that operate on slim budgets, but want to engage their target viewers. It’s a good idea to stream live to your viewers if you’re planning a demo or presentation.


For excellent results in your video marketing campaign, it’s recommended that you hire an expert video production company. With an specialist video production company, you’ll get not only top-notch explainer videos but also ones that engage, delight and motivate viewers into taking action.

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