Tips For Creating An Effective Explainer Video

In the modern era, explainer videos have become a very important way of marketing and explaining a brand or a service. Coming up with a captivating video involves a production team that comprises of a Scriptwriter, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Voice Artist and Sound Effects Artist. To achieve the result that your audience wants, you need to combine each of the six artists to produce a fascinating video. When your team is efficient enough to put together content, formatting, tone, look and a perfect feel, then, your business stands to benefit from the effort. Below are a few tips to consider when making an explainer video.



It is important to aim at creating a fresh and exceptional animation that can engage your audience and help them to link to your brand. Some folks have a cookie-cutter method of making animations and simply paste on a predefined set-up for every video, regardless of the brand or product. It is advisable to portray creativity and originality in every video.


Explainer videos communicate in a way that other communication mediums cannot. They should be entertaining, instructive and hilarious to capture the attention of its viewers. Creative communication techniques such as exaggeration, satire, and parody cause laughter and could be handsomely used to bring out graphic humor. Funny body language and facial expressions of the well-animated characters can also trigger laughter.


Before you start your project, include all artists involved in brainstorming and visualizing activity to give you direction. To ensure the video is one cohesive unit, you need to synchronize all elements perfectly. Ensure the animation does not appear assembled by developing a framework before writing the script. The voiceover should be properly integrated with the visual and sound effects.


A well-narrated story using words wisely is most likely able to capture your audience. When you build your story perfectly connecting each event from the previous one, you will be able to make a captivating video. Pros build a story from the beginning and keep building it chronologically till the end. Knit your story and try to communicate with your products.


An explainer video is supposed to elaborate rather than complicate your message. Therefore, you should use layman’s language in your script to explain your brand. Sometimes, folks use jargon while marketing their businesses thus end up not bringing out their intended message to their customers.


If your business is offering new products, your audience does not know who you are up till then. Through your choice of images, music, script, and characters, it is easy to provide a hint of your products and culture to help your audience understand what exactly you are marketing. Most people cannot trust brands that they know nothing of.


Any explainer video should be short, ranging from one minute to three minutes. The video should introduce people to your company or business and describe precisely what you do amusingly and compellingly. The introduction itself should be designed in a manner to get potential customers interested to learn more and maybe ultimately convert.
Explainer videos have been proven to influence conversions by as much as eighty percent. More than ninety percent customers, according to a survey, believe that animated videos are very helpful in decision making. Most folks are likely to buy products online after watching explainer videos. Concentrate on sending your message across, being amusing, and giving clients what they need, and your explainer video can aid take your startup to a whole new level.
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